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  Axel, ~ 5 - 8 yrs Male Shepherd/Husky  Mix
Axel Axel

Axel is a Shepherd/Husky mixed with a few other breeds. He's a real Mutt. Our vet believes he is between 5 and 8 yrs old. He is excellent with other dogs and cats. His best friend was a cat that he slept and ate with and another friend was a small dog he played with. He loves to sit and give you “kisses”. He also loves people. He loves to run around and play but is not high energy. He is not a dog to play with toys and will only show interest in small edible bones. He loves some gravy poured over hard kibble. Axel just wants a loving home. He wants to be with people. He will stay by your side and loves to walk. He hasn't had a lot of attention during the past few months so he learned to climb the chain link fence out of boredom, so he would go and explore, then come back. We don't want that situation for him ever again, especially in New England where there are many more cars than in rural Indiana where he's from. He arrives on Dec. 18 and is available after a health exam on Dec. 20th. We discourage impulse Christmas dogs as we are looking for forever homes for our rescued dogs, but if this is a time where you have several weeks off and/or familiy at home and have time to acclimate a new dog in your home, then we welcome you to come meet the dogs. Please keep in mind that we like the whole family to meet the dog (so gift dogs are not our policy). During the initial meeting, all decision-makers, i.e., adult caretakers need to be present. If you fill out the online application, it speeds the adoption process. Please bring pictures of your residence and pictures of your last dog (if applicable) so that we can get a sense of you and your family and help you make the best match for both you and the dog.