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  Josie, ~ 1 year Female Yellow Lab  Mix
Josie Josie

Josie is a very sweet and well behaved ~ 1 yr old spayed female yellow Lab mix who may have some other breeds mixed in. She is housetrained and crate trained. She's clearly smart but sensitive and sometimes is shy with new people. She likes to chase squirrels and cats, so no cats for her! She is currently getting at least 4 walks and/or runs a day which is typical for a Lab-type dog. She has gone to a couple of obedience classes and is working on her sit, stay, come, leave it, walking on leash, etc. Josie is happy and playful, but relatively calm for a one year old dog. She loves having her belly scratched. She is ok with other dogs but can be reactive on leash, so will need some leash work. She has been introduced to small children a few times and done very well (calm and quiet). She would flourish in a home where someone either works from home or is a stay at home. She also loves the outdoors and would be a great pal for hiking, jogging, etc. Please fill out an application online if you are interested in meeting Josie.