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  Charlie, Born 4/14/11 Male Lab  Mix
Charlie Charlie

Who could resist this sweet, sweet face with such liquid brown eyes!!!! Charlie, Curly, and Lucky are 3 Lab mix pups who came into rescue in early August and just about the sweetest, most submissive pups you will ever meet. They are going to make their adopters very happy. Each one is amazing in his own way. They are healthy with nice thick, soft shiny fur and are ready for adoption. Please read up on our holistic protocol so you can save money at the vet while keeping your puppy very healthy. Their history: they were born on April 14, 2011 to a medium sized mixed breed female dog who appeared to have some Cattle dog in her, but the father was a black Lab. Curly has a white chest of curly hair, hence the name (but you can change the names); Charlie is all black and Lucky has a little white on his chest. They like water…love their pool, toys and playing with other dogs. They are not bad to jump up for attention, will flatten out if being picked up! They are fine in the car, they are not mouthy, but can be a little shy at first with strangers, although they warm up fast. They can hold it in their kennel from 9PM until 7AM with no accidents. They have finished their puppy boosters and received their rabies, so won't be too costly with vet visits as most pups are. These are nice pups deserving of loving homes. The ideal situation would be one with access to water or with someone who can take them to the beach or ponds to swim. They LOVE their kiddy pool and won't stay out of it. Please apply online if you are interested and we will be in touch with you within a day or two.