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  Mika, 11 months Female Lab/Border Collie  Mix
Mika Mika

This is Mika, a much-loved and doted on foster dog who was rescued from a high volume shelter in Florida. She is 11 months, and weighs 28 pounds. Her foster mom has been training her and she is ready for her new, forever family. She walks nicely on a leash, loves to be brushed, cuddled, and petted. She knows "come", "sit", "paw", " leave it". Her favorite hobby is chasing lizards and squirrels. She is everyone's favorite dog at the dogpark and has never met a dog she couldn't get to play. She likes to be chased in large circles by the dogs around the park and also loves to play tug of war with other dogs with a stick or rope toy. The other dogs' owners call the foster mom on the phone to find out what time we are going to the park so that their dogs can get exercised by Mika. She absolutely loves to cuddle, kiss, wrestle,and simply be as close as possible to her dog friends so she would make a perfect playmate for someone with an exisiting pet. That being said, when another dog has had enough and lets her know, she is very submissive and takes the hint. Cat tested with a kitten at the vet's office- she was gentle but curious and now every time she sees a feral cat outside she wants to go play with it. Should be fine with cats I think. She is timid when she first meets someone, but warms up very quickly. Same with children- has had many a fun afternoon running and playing with children at the park. And she very tolerant. She is housebroken, but is babygated in the kitchen as she has chewed some odd things in the past- and has a weird habit of stealing random items of clothes and shoes and putting them in a pile in some out of the way place. We think she'd be a perfect family dog as long as the family keeps up with the training and exercise. If you're a super busy family whose kids have active after-school activities, then she is probably not the dog for you. She's going to need her own time, attention, and training. Formal obedience training is required even if you have trained dogs in the past. Please fill out the online application on our Web site so that we can begin the process.