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  Peanut, 9 weeks Male Husky/Collie  Mix
Peanut Peanut

Peanut is a delightful little male pup who walks around with his mouth open so that he is ready to chomp down on it. He is beyond cute! The pups are 9 weeks old and are available for adoption. Originally thought to be Chow, but they have pink tongues and appear more like Beagles, with a touch of Lab, a touch of Boxer, a touch of Collie. They are adorable. At first they run from you, but then they chase you and are underfoot. They LOVE toys! They love to explore and carry pine cones around in their mouths. They all run in a pack, but are too small right now to do much damage. They are ankle high. Applications accepted now and will be reviewed prior to the pups' availability. They will be available April 6th.