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Save A Dog      
by Dawn Giovannucci      
Save a dog is the best place to volunteer;
With all these great people and lots of good cheer!
We help all dogs who need a good home;
some were even saved from where they roam!

They come from all over; every breed, shape and size.
We can't bear to think of what happened before;
for we think of them as God's little prize!

I know you all have the same thing on your mind
If we could just save them all - maybe someday -
but for now we have to do it one dog at a time!

We do what we can and just try our best.
A new year is starting
Shirley and Dave will have a new nest!
These dogs and puppies have no idea what's in store
Soon it won't matter what happened before!

Of course no one can compare to Shirley and Dave!!!

After all it was them who started this place;
So we can only imagine the burden they face!
We will all work hard and do what we can
To live up to the name that pulled us all in.
In the end we find our dogs the best homes - we all win!

There are wonderful people who support us all the year thru
Because they believe in the wonderful work that we do!
Someday we will have a place to call our own
And the sign will read: Save a Dog!
We are finally home!

Save A Dog, Inc.
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